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THE DAYS ARE EVIL. L THE DAYS ARE EVIL. The days are evil Lord, here I come this day, Weak and feeble, I pray you, lead me. For the days are evil. THE DAYS ARE EVIL. So you must bring to your walk with the LORD on your knees now: […]



Make every effort to keep your soul free from worldly contamination. The most important thing in life is your character not what you know. It all boils than to how you respond to issues in the marketplace. Do not be deceived by the quantum of the things you know that do not change your natural tendencies. Tshally Jeff-Onyegbule

Make A Deal With GOD He Cannot Refuse


 How Do You Bring God To Answer Your Heartfelt Prayers? You can bring God into your bleeding heart by making Him a deal He cannot refuse. But how do I make the sovereign Lord a deal He cannot refuse? Hannah,Elkanah’s first wife was a woman with a bleeding heart. […]

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